Energy Usage 2017

Still waiting for our Tesla PowerWall 2 – months overdue. It will be interesting to see if it removes our need for the grid for most of the year. Once installed, we will move to a time of use tariff (TOU), possibly shifting the hot water from controlled load 1, which would allow us to use excess solar during the day to heat it, although at current winter demand there is only a marginal amount of excess.

Summer demand blew out this year, due to the extreme hot spells; usually, it is our lowest demand period.

Winter usage is dominated by controlled load hot water demand; this remains a continuing problem to solve. Currently, there are no solutions that make economic sense. We used virtually no heating from the grid, the slow combustion stove and heat transfer working well to keep us warm.

Overall, the next few months will reveal whether our current PV will be enough to make the house net zero for the year.

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