The Finkel Review into the future of the energy industry was released on Friday June 9 2017. While greatly anticipated, to many it has proved to be somewhat underwhelming. Criticism levelled has been, that it seems to have been designed to accommodate both the political as well as the technical realities and challenges faced, and in the process, has failed to take the neccessary leap of the imagination needed to outline a vision of an energy system for the 21st century. As Einstein once said, logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you anywhere. In a time of disruptive and exponential  change, surely it is imagination that is needed to articulate the neccessary paradigm shift if we are to have any hope of a secure and sustainable future. However, it still managed to provoke the predictable reactionary response from the conservative right wing, whose blinkered obsession with coal, as the only legitimate and acceptable source of energy, flies in the face of virtually everyone else in the industry and, it should be noted, the majority of Australians, if recent polls by the Lowy Institute and MyVote are to be accepted.

For those who would like to make up their own minds and to be better informed, here are the links to the Executive Summary and full report: